November 12, 2017

Top 5 most Hirable Skills In 2017

Every one of us who has ever applied for a job must have asked themselves that question at some point, what’s in my employer’s head? How do I make myself more hirable than all those applicants? Well, this article is here to answer your questions.


  1. Presentation Skills

Most companies are now looking for employees that don’t stop at sitting behind the desk working on ideas and reference, but stand up in the boardroom and voice those ideas. Being able to present your ideas or reports to your own team and your clients is a plus every employer is looking for.


  1. Networking Skills

Networking is the trick that never goes old. Almost every business was built and sustained at some point thanks to networking. Next time you’re in a business event, don’t just stand there! Move around and make small talk with the guests; your ability to network can land you the next job.


  1. Project Management Skills

Even if you’re not applying for the position of a project manager, having some project management skills helps you organize your entire workflow. If you understand how project management work, you can organize your tasks, set deadline for each task, communicate properly with other teammates working on the tasks with you, and more. Better project management means more efficiency, and what’s more hirable than an efficient employee?


  1. Writing Skills

What might seem like a no brainer, is actually a skill lacked by a lot of job applicants. Being creative is one thing, being able to articulate your creative ideas into appealing writeups is another. It’s also easy to write an email, the hard part is writing it in a proper formal language that communicates your message clearly. In a business environment dominated by emails, writing skills are a must.


  1. Brainstorming Skills

Most companies that are involved in the creative or media field are in a consistent state of brainstorming. How to start the brainstorming session right? What do you research for beforehand? Do you let everybody talk randomly or do they have to go in turns? All those questions and more actually define how productive your session will go. So count brainstorming skills in as one of the essentials of being hirable.



In a competitive market like ours, you can’t afford going one day without developing your skills or gaining new ones. So if you plan on learning something new this week, these 5 skills might just be what you need.

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